**April 2022 I am currently unable to take on new clients**

All sessions are currently offered remotely due to COVID-19

I’m a Sex Therapist and an EMDR Therapy Consultant and I am accredited with COSRT (sex & relationship therapy organisation), the UKCP (my main psychotherapy accrediting body) and EMDR Europe (a specialist trauma therapy organisation). Please see my ‘about’ page for more information about me.

I work with a wide range of sexual issues and concerns that are causing problems for people within their intimate relationships. The way I work can be described as ‘trauma-informed’ due to the different trainings I have amassed over the years.  When people experience an issue with their sexual functioning, thoughts or behaviour, our task together will be to explore why you may have an issue in the sexual domain of your life. What can be done about it to aid your understanding, make some positive changes and enable you to feel better-in your intimate relationships and generally in your world.

I work with both individuals and couples aiming to facilitate a better understanding of the sexual difficulties that may be experienced.  I do hope you will find the information you need about the ways I may be able to help you on my website. Have a look at the different pages for information that may be most relevant to you and do get in touch for a discussion to see if I might be right for you.

Psychosexual Therapy

Let’s make sense of the difficulties you are experiencing and improve your sex life.

Compulsive Sexual Behaviour

It can be so distressing and lonely to feel out of control, so lets explore what is happening together.

Sexual Trauma

I know it can be difficult to seek help but I am here to listen to you and to help you heal.

Clinical Supervision

A safe collaborative space for cases, practice, dynamics, and other elements to be explored.